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Scoliosis Care for Adults & Children

Symmetry Health Center was founded in 2006 by Cynthia Boyd D.C. and continues to be one the Bay Area’s most respected Health and Wellness Centers. Symmetry has been a resource for patients with severe spinal deformities such as Scoliosis and Thoracic Hyper-Kyphosis since 2013, and is one of a few ScoliCare™ certified centers in all of California. We specialize in scoliosis care for children and adults.

At the forefront of conservative treatment for Scoliosis, we use a specific method of treatment which includes an over-corrective approach during treatment and bracing. This allows for an end goal of achieving the most symmetrical spine and posture possible post treatment. Most of our therapies and bracing are done in the mirror image or inverse position of the spinal configuration that the patient presents with. We have helped many patients reduce their curves and maintain them, in turn experiencing less pain and disability.

Not all cases of scoliosis require bracing, but when they do we utilize ScoliBrace™ a state of the art system that customizes bracing for scoliosis patients using a computerized 3-D scanner system. Unlike traditional bracing methods that are designed to limit movement, the ScoliBrace™ is corrective in nature and redirects the spine toward a corrected position. We also make braces for other postural problems and conditions including Kyphosis. The KyphoBraceâ is also available at Symmetry Health Center.

If you or someone you know is suffering from scoliosis or other spinal deformities, don’t wait to the point that surgery is needed to correct the curves. Take advantage of Symmetry’s free scoliosis assessment and learn about other treatment options that are effective and safe.

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